Founded in 2015 by brothers Giuliano and Giordano Calza, Milan-based streetwear label GCDS incisively captures modern millennial sensibilities through evocative messaging and bold design. An acronym for ‘God Can’t Destroy Streetwear’, the label aims to foster authentic connections within the global streetwear community through an of-the-moment aesthetic that resonates across borders. Irony-imbued graphics and brazen logo patterns emblazon GCDS’s selection of oversized t-shirts and sweaters, while baggy jeans and satin shirts emanate 90s-nostalgic flair, reflecting the fluctuating and divergent inclinations of contemporary youth culture. Generating hype through unexpected capsule collaborations and thought-provoking runway shows, the au courant label has secured itself as a mainstay among the zeitgeist’s slew of trendsetting influencers, artists, and models. GCDS’s directional prowess is accompanied with an equaled dedication to top-of-the-line quality—all garments, footwear, and accessories are expertly crafted in Italy with keen attention to detail.

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